Published On: Sun, Dec 2nd, 2018

10 best Trampolines for Adults in 2018

Trampolines are used for various purposes including both fun and professional. There is no specific age range for usage of trampolines. Trampolines can be both fun and dangerous too at sometimes. Hence, one must be cautious while buying them. There is a wide range of Trampolines available in the market.

Out of these, we have shortlisted 10 such trampolines to choose the best trampoline for adults 2018.

Skybound Stratos Trampoline

It has a safety enclosure net which keeps the user safe inside while preventing contact with poles. The wide steel frame is fully powder coated black to help prevent early rust and corrosion. It is suited for all kind of environments, especially in wet and humid conditions. It is available in 12, 14 and 15-foot models. The most important part is its easy to frame that saves our time in setting up and reduces our frustration. These are the superior trampolines for adults providing high quality and safety. It has some limitations due to its high quality and sustainability, and it is a bit costlier compared to others. Anyhow when it comes to safety Skybound Stratos is the top pick.

Skywalker 15 ft Trampoline

These trampolines come with “No gap system” which is important in terms of safety. This system brings the mat and enclosure together so that it becomes impossible for both adults and kids to get injured by getting caught in the gaps around the edges. Skywalker 15 ft comes with a basketball Hoop which is easily removable. Playing Basketball in Trampoline is the fun part. The enclosure system is heavily padded and enclosed with a zipper so that users won’t fall off the trampoline while jumping. The trampoline is made up of galvanized steel which ensures durability and rust proof. It has gold colored heavy gauged 6.5-inch spring which provides superior bounce and rust resistant. It comes at a reasonable price and hence, it is worth buying.

Ultega Trampoline

The Ultega Trampoline is one of the latest and reasonable price groups. It comes in 5 different sizes ranging from kids to adults. It provides a unique bounce with mat attached to frame through 64 springs. It has 8 padded poles which provide the highest level of safety. The whole setup is surrounded by the huge net enclosure to ensure safety for all big and small jumpers. It has a frame height of 30 inches. Its Galvanized steel frame and base prevent the user from tripping. The only limitation is that it has a wide 8 leg stand which occupies more space and more time for setting up and also it is limited to one person at a time. Anyhow at this price, this trampoline is the best

AlleyOOP Variable bounce Trampoline

This Trampoline exceeds the ASTM Impact Performance Test standards. It is the best performance trampoline with unique shock-absorbing technique to increase jumping performance. This trampoline helps to reduce the stress on both adults and child by absorbing the fall energy which is usually absorbed by the user itself. People can rest on extra thick pads while others are using the trampoline. Its overlapping doorways prevents the Users from falling out through gaps. It provides high-end safety with Heavy-duty straps included with UV-resistant open weave netting. It also has some issues as it takes time for setting up and it comes at a higher price compared to other trampolines.

Springfree Trampoline

As the name itself suggests its uniqueness, It is the world’s safest trampoline featuring no springs, no hard edges, flexible enclosures, and a metallic frame which is quite firm. Instead of spring, we have composite glass rods which provide the suspension.  It has galvanized steel frames for long lasting life. It also comes with basketball hoops and ladder as an additional feature. Each of the Springfree ’s product comes up with the integrated gaming system. The jumping mat is made up of geotextile which makes it 30 times stronger than normal pads. The only Limitation is that it is costlier than all other trampolines.

Upper Bounce Trampoline

The most important feature about this trampoline is Easy to assemble/disassemble without any use of complicated hardware. It provides a mat with high mesh material and provides extra security from tearing and guaranteed to enjoy. The whole frame is coated with Galvanized Durable powder making it rust resistant and suitable for all weather conditions. It has a push-button system that secures the trampoline. It has double rubber ties ensuring better safety. It is also considered the cheapest on the list. In terms of safety, this Trampoline lags behind others.

Zupapa Trampoline

Zupapa provides a total of 10-year warranty and also a replacement of defective parts without any service charge. It comes in three-wide ranges, and all are TUV certified. Hot-dip galvanizing process makes the Zupapa trampoline frame and posts last for decades. These frames are rust proof. It also provides an overlapping enclosure with firm stands which prevents the user from falling or tipping. It can withstand jumpers of all size and shapes. The only disadvantage is that it is heavier compared to other trampolines. And the net is outside the mat as in others it is present inside. The Zupapa trampoline comes at a reasonable price and with high safety feature makes it worth buying.

Exacme 6W Legs Trampoline

Exacme trampolines come with higher stability compared to others. They have 6W shaped legs with 12 contact points make them more stable on compared to others. Also, these trampolines are TUV certified, GST certified, and UV testing approved. They have heavy duty frame with galvanized steel and are rust resistant. It provides a weight limit of 375 lbs which is one of the highest in the market. The net doors are zipped so that users no need to worry about falling away. Whole enclosure is padded to ensure safety to users. In addition, these Trampolines are provided with ladders which are slip resistant. The limitation would be the enclosure as it is not safer compared to other trampolines.

Skytric Trampoline

It offers a Top Flex Pole Enclosure system that provides amazing stability and durability compared to other poles. Steel frame, legs, and poles are coated with Galvanized durable powder ensuring rust resistant. The net enclosure is present inside to ensure safety. And the enclosure can be zipped from both outside and inside. It has 6 W shaped legs which provide stability and increases the bounce efficiency. It can withstand up to 330 lbs. They can be easily assembled or disassembled without any use of complicated hardware. It is suitable for all kinds of weather conditions. This Trampoline has a varied range of sized at reasonable pricing.

Magic circle 16’ Octagon Trampoline with pad

It is one of the sturdiest Trampolines in the market. The product comes with a 10-year warranty and a 4-year warranty for the fabric components. The integrated safety cage makes it one of the safest trampolines with no maintenance required. These trampolines have enclosure stitched to the mats hence it moves along with mats. This arrangement provides no gap so that users won’t get injured by getting caught in gaps. These trampolines have a wide range of colors, and they provide a weight limit of 450 lbs which is highest in the industry.

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