Published On: Tue, Jun 13th, 2017

3 Braid Hairstyle to stay cool this summer

Hair is the most special feature of every person, and this is the reasons that why each of us pays extra attention and goes an extra mile to give our hair a perfect look. Be it anything, shampoo, oil, or any stuff, if it uses concerns the health of our hair, we do a lot of research just to determine the safety and beauty of our hair stay alive. But, when you really want to keep your hair prettier as ever, you not just need to be concerned with the products and the weather is too an important factor.

With the arrival of summer and scorching heat, you need to ensure that your hair survives the temperature, but at the same time looking amazing and flaunting it is a concern too. Braid is one of the coolest yet stylish hair any girl can adapt to, and the best is that part that there are so many variations available in braiding hairstyle that a girl will never go out of choice. So, keeping in mind the rising temperature that makes you sweat liters and the need of staying beautiful, we are sharing some coolest braid hairstyles to flaunt.

So, now might be wondering about the source of teaching of these hairstyles, then there are many sites and YouTube videos where you can find stepwise instructions to do the hairstyles on your own.

  1. Waterfall messy braid in bun

You may get the weird impression with the word “messy,” but once you try it, you will have all the reasons to try it often. The braid looks messy, but it quite a treat to eyes and your hair for not letting it stick in your sweat when you are going out. The braid is actually gets tied up in the bun, and the messy look is given intentionally. Try it out this season!

  1. The Hidden Gem Ponytail

Yes, the hidden gem ponytail, and it doesn’t require much of your effort and is the simplest of all hairstyles. You just need to wrap your entire hair in a pony, but having the same pony every day can make you get bored, but how about having a hidden braid right in the middle of the ponytail can revive your love for a pony.

  1. Braid on short curly hair

When you have short hair, there is least chance that you can try to braid or any other hairstyle, but we want to give hope this time. If you have short curly hair, then this hairstyle will certainly be a treat for you. Braid from the bottom to the top and leave a little hair on the top.

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