Published On: Mon, Feb 26th, 2018

6 Grave Mistakes When Buying Toys For Kids

Your newborn finds endless joy in just gazing at you, but soon he’ll start to show interest in toys. But when it comes to plaything for babies, there’s more than meets the eye. What might seem too cute could actually be too dangerous—or just a big bore. Here are 6 common mistakes committed by many moms when buying toys for their kids.

  1. Not reading the fine print

It’s best to always read the fine print and consider possible dangers that the toy can cause. Sometimes there are important safety warnings, sometimes they tell you that you do not have batteries included, sometimes they say that it contains small parts and that it is not suitable for your child, age. When buying baby walking toys from Tiny Tiny Shop Shop, be sure to read the instruction first.

  1. Not considering the age


Today’s children are very clever and you can always play a little up or down with the recommended age of toys. However, the choice must be made with common sense because the toys are created to promote the game, and if a child receives a toy that he does not understand, the game suffers, the child is frustrated and the toy is relegated to oblivion.

There’s no need to anticipate, they will grow sooner than we think, so it is better to buy the toys that help you at the moment and not the ones you will use in a few years.

  1. Getting a toy that is too big

Don’t buy toys that require a lot of space or particular care. Consider your family arrangements when buying toys. Large toys such as swing sets or playhouses aren’t good choices for families who live in small spaces or for those who must move frequently.

  1. Buying complicated play sets

Toy items that need supervision like chemistry sets aren’t good for those who have crowded schedules. Play items with small pieces aren’t appropriate for households that tend to be messy and unorganized. Visit for simple and easy to use playscapes.

  1. Going Cheap

Purchasing cheap toys is always a mistake because they are often known to break or malfunction really easily. Sure, you want to save some money, and we definitely encourage that, but keep in mind that you’ll probably have to spend money again if the toy breaks, and that’s not something very clever.

  1. Getting toys that do everything

Parents are happy when they see their kids happy playing with their toys. However, parents must be critical and see what they are admiring.  Many times they are simple spectators of toys that with a lot of noise, a lot of size and a lot of artifice, serve as a show for children.

Beware of toys that do everything, they do not provide the game and they are destined to be forgotten quickly. Remember, toys are not the end; they are the means to provide hours of fun. If they do not do this, they do not work.

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