Published On: Fri, Mar 20th, 2020

Create Safe and Fun Indoors for Your Little One with Fancy Kid’s Furniture

Fancy Kids Furniture

In times of pandemics, when the cities go into lockdown, the safest environment for children will be indoors rather than going out to the streets, parks, swimming pools, and other activity areas. During these critical hours, it becomes difficult for kids to stay at home. They can tend to become cranky as boredom strikes in. As parents, you can create a fun-filled yet safe environment for them at home.

One way to do it right would be to revamp their bedrooms into a fun zone with the help of adorable kid’s furniture. You won’t have to worry about them missing out on their studies as they can continue their classes at home. Plus, you also get to spend some time with them where you can play with them, indulge them in brain-developing activities, and more.

Now we know asking you to visit the stores in search of the perfect kid’s room furniture during this time (when you are supposed to self-isolate yourself indoors) would be the stupidest idea ever. So, rest assured, we’re not asking you to any such thing. However, you can consider online shopping where you can avoid crowds, search for the product in peace, and get it delivered at your doorstep. And, you don’t have to worry about the hygiene and sanitation of the products reaching you. Most of the e-commerce websites like HomeTown and others are taking the utmost care and safety measures to make sure the product reaches you all clean.

So, let’s take a look at how you can turn boring into fun for your little angels:

Upgrade that old single bed to something like a bunk or loft bed:

The beauty of multi-purpose beds like Princess or Space by HomeTown is that they come in ingenious designs and whimsical patterns. The cartoon characters, fancy fairytale stickers, and more will take your kids on a magical ride. The change in their room will excite them, warding off boredom.

Moreover, these beds come with an additional bed, storage, and even a desk. Some of them also feature an extra trundle bed hidden under, making the bed count to three. You can use this opportunity of working from home to spend some quality time with them. You can organize a small family pajama party where all of you can play together with some fun activities.

Time to learn some chores; get that wardrobe right:

School studies aren’t the only education that has to be done correctly. There are other life lessons you need to prepare your kids for. Therefore, utilize this time into teaching your children some essential household chores.

You can teach them to neatly fold the clothes and place them in wardrobes like Princess by Mintwud or Fiona by Adona. You can help them learn the importance of cleaning by merely indulging them in the room cleaning activity. The color theory with the activity of creating different colored clothes sections in the wardrobe can boost their brain.

Create a school-like environment with desk and chairs by Castle HomeTown:

Getting your children to study at home can seem like the toughest task. But, trust us, it is not. You can upgrade to a study table and chair, or you can even choose a multi-purpose bed that comes with a desk attached. This way, you can continue their classes with online videos, tutorials, and more.

Got a spare musical instrument at home that you don’t use anymore? Well, put up some online tutorials for it on your laptop, place it on the study table, and indulge your kid in this activity. You never know; your lost music passion can develop their interest in music. Similarly, you can help them improve their hobbies, whether dancing or painting with such an online tutorial. This way, you can control their usage of computers too.

How about that bedside cabinet or chest of drawers like Castle or Mollycoddle?

Now, we all know that today’s generation is more about late to bed with smartphones and late to rise. But, you can change that by inducing good habits into your babies. Install a bedside cabinet or chest of drawers full of books. Don’t forget the alarm clock and lamp you can place on the tabletop. You can put them to bed quite early and make them read at least one story before sleeping. This will induce a reading habit in them. Let them wake up to the sound of a traditional alarm clock after a peaceful sleep.

These are some of the ideas that you use to help make your child’s homestay full of fun.

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