Published On: Sat, Aug 12th, 2017

Everything you need to know about 360 video productions

360 Videos are the latest introduction and many people are not very much aware with the fact what actually 360/VR Video Production is all about.  360 videos can be generally known as spherical or immersive videos. 360 cameras can record from the every angle or in 360 degrees of the area where it captures all the angles simultaneously. In order to record through 360 degrees, there is a special camera that you can use. You can also make use of multiple cameras that are mounted in the rig of 360 degrees shape.

If you make use of special 360 cameras then it can automatically stitches the images into one and provides very smooth images. But if you make use of rig then you have to hire a professional who make use of software to stitch the images into one so that it looks like a smooth video. Software analyzes the common audio and visuals in every feed and then it synchronizes with the various camera outputs. There are generally two different types of formats available in which videos will be captured by the camera such as –

Monoscopic – This is the most common video format available for use in 360 video. This format is also supported by all the video players. This format works through flat rendering where you can move all over the video but perception of real depth will be absent from the video.

Stereoscopic – this type of video creates very great virtual reality surrounding or environment. It also introduces 3-d objects as well and it also provides great depth to the video.  This video can only be experienced through VR headset and this format is generally used by the high end professionals. VR headset can give you unique and thrilling experience and when any person who wear VR headset thinks that all the things are happened right in front of their eyes and they are present at the moment.

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