Published On: Sun, Oct 29th, 2017

Growing Marijuana – Hobby Cultivator

Do you fancy the idea of growing your own marijuana? The use of marijuana is increasing day by day. Doctors too are prescribing marijuana as part of pain management treatment. Those who are using marijuana for recreational purposes are also increasing. On the whole, there is an increasing demand for marijuana. If you are occasional user of marijuana and wondering whether it is worthwhile growing your own marijuana then here are few factors that will help you decide.

Have you ever asked why more and more people are growing marijuana from weed seeds? If you are thinking it is because of the cost savings, then you are partially right. Not everyone who grows marijuana at home do so merely for the savings that they enjoy when they grow marijuana. Some people just love the idea of growing their own marijuana. You could be one such marijuana cultivator, who loves the idea of cultivating marijuana and taking care of the marijuana plants. Yes, it can make an interesting hobby and hundreds of marijuana cultivators do it at a hobby level. Regardless of whether you are cultivating marijuana for hobby reasons or for regular medicinal needs, you cannot cultivate your marijuana in large scale. Yes, you will need to limit the number of plants that you are likely to have at any given point of time because your state law will limit you from cultivating marijuana at large scale. When you are searching for the best weed seeds for sale you will need to keep this factor in mind as a hobby cultivator so that you do not go overboard ordering your marijuana plants.

As a hobby cultivator, you should be mindful of how much money you are channelling into the cultivation process. You would certainly not want to go overboard with the setup costs. Remember you are not allowed to sell your marijuana. You can keep whatever you grow only for personal use. In that case, you should not spend too much. While ordering seeds for your cannabis cultivation, try to find a competitively priced seedbank. Moreover, when you want to get started, you should start with basic strains. Certainly there are number of exotic genetic strains but you do not want to get started with such complex genetic strains. Some of the genetic strains are tough to cultivate. As a hobby cultivator, it will do well getting started with simple strains.

Before you get started, try to watch online videos and access other online resources on growing cannabis at home. If you have outdoor space, it is best to try with outdoor cultivation before you venture into indoor cultivation because with outdoor cultivation you need not have to worry about complex initial setup. All that you are required to do is to go with a spot that gets plenty of sunshine. Once you gain confidence with the cultivation process and once you are able to get a decent marijuana harvest, you can gradually venture into indoor cultivation.

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