Published On: Sat, Jun 24th, 2017

How Is Inbound Marketing More Effective Than Outbound Marketing

If you are trying to find new customers or expand your website, it’s likely you have invested in a marketing campaign in order to promote your product, service or brand. However, over time the technology has transformed drastically and outbound marketing such as seminars, tv, radio advertising, email blasts etc. are not so effective any more. As customers have become savvy and good at avoiding the sales pitches, Inbound marketing is emerged as a crucial form of marketing.

A marketing approach that is adapted to the modern buyer, Inbound Marketing brings your potential customer, that are actively in the market, to your business. Here, you don’t force your message on people , rather it aligns itself to a buyer’s journey.

Here are a few statistical facts about the low effectiveness of outbound marketing:

  • Around 80{6db5e000f09c1f5550c90f5b05c73e0fed985a870a9567f660d0a50967ef89bc} of people fast forward through the commercials. They either skip the TV commercials by recording their favorite shows or avail online streaming services
  • Either the online banner ads are blocked by the ads blocker or they get low visibility because of banner blindness
  • More than 80{6db5e000f09c1f5550c90f5b05c73e0fed985a870a9567f660d0a50967ef89bc} of the people in the age group of 25 to 35 tend to click off a website if it has obscene amount of advertisements going on
  • As more and more people are getting news from the internet, not many people are entertaining the print advertising in the newspapers
  • Approximately 43{6db5e000f09c1f5550c90f5b05c73e0fed985a870a9567f660d0a50967ef89bc} of direct mails never gets opened and more often than not email sales letters either doesn’t get opened or wind up in the spam folder

What is outbound marketing exactly?

A traditional form of marketing, it comprises of magazines, billboards, radio, event sponsorships, TV etc. Outbound is basically a world of jargon which have been turned down by the marketers a bit due to increased competition, increasing costs, in order to maximize their conversions. This has bring it all down to big discounts, bold print and exploitation of customers.

What makes Inbound marketing so good?

An educational but non-promotional tool of marketing, Inbound marketing’s biggest strength is the focus on providing value to the customers. It helps in building a relationship between your prospects and brand as inbound marketing perfectly aligns with a buyer’s journey. Also, it attracts potential customers to your brand when they are in the market to buy what you are offering.

Another major strength of inbound marketing is the long term ROI it provides to your business. Generally it requires higher investment and in its early stages will provide slower returns. But, it’s notk a point of concern as these initial months are necessary to improve your online presence and build your digital marketing assets along with getting higher ranking in search engines.

Go the route of Inbound marketing!

Both the forms of marketing can be used effectively either together or on their own as both have their unique sets of pros and cons. However, Inbound marketing is a long term solution that allows you to engage your potential customers after getting their permission. So, tell your story in a more educated and holistic way on your own distribution platform through inbound marketing!

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