Published On: Fri, Jul 28th, 2017

How Small Businesses Can Benefit from Sponsoring Young Athletes

In many communities, finding the funds to support athletic programs can be very challenging. Kids should have free access to different sports and they should all have equal chances to succeed, without being a financial burden for their parents. For poor communities, fundraising is the only solution for supporting athletic programs, but not all businesses are willing to participate. This is a shame, because sponsorship programs can have numerous advantages for local businesses. This article is meant to teach small business owners about the advantages of supporting young athletes, but our advice can also be used by athletic directors who want to learn how to convince business owners to sponsor young athletes.

Increased brand awareness

As a business owner, if you ever hope to evolve and be more than just a small business, you must develop a branding strategy as soon as possible. Sponsorship can come in many shapes, but no matter what you choose, what really matters, is that the name of your business will be out there, visible to the local community and maybe even to other communities, depending on the type of athletic event that takes place. For the best results, talk with the athletic director and see if you can support the team by advertising on a scorers table. This way, you will advertise not only a name and a logo, but also a message that defines your brand.

Effective marketing

In a world where we are constantly attacked by commercials, most of us have developed the ability to tune out advertisements.  However, while it can be easy to ignore a radio or a TV commercial, it is a lot more difficult to ignore an ad during an interesting basketball game. Moreover, the people who come at local sports events take pride in their local teams and athletes, and they respect the businesses that participate in these types of events. Whether you choose to sponsor the local team through branded uniforms or by advertising on the digital scoring table, the local community will surely appreciate your business for supporting their favorite athletes.

Affordable advertising solution

Compared to print, radio or TV advertising, a sports sponsorship can be very affordable. Depending on your budget, you can invest thousands of dollars or you can invest as little as $100. When you buy advertisement space on a digital scorers table, your visibility will be proportional to your investment. This means that the more you pay, the more times your ad will be played, but if you can’t afford to invest too much, you can still benefit from a little visibility. Another financial aspect that you should consider is the possibility of tax breaks. If you are supporting a nonprofit group, your donation won’t be taxed.

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