Published On: Fri, Mar 20th, 2020

How to choose jewelry for the yellow skin girl?

The purpose of wearing jewelry is to embellish the essence of fashion, wearing a good one can play the role of icing on the cake, and more to bring out personal temperament. Wearing the same piece of clothing on different people will have different effects. Each person should choose the appropriate color according to their skin color to match mom name necklace.

Don’t doubt that there are many friends who can’t even tell their skin color. We often divide the skin color into four types: cold white skin, cold yellow skin, warm white skin and warm yellow skin. The yellow skin is a warmer color, softer, more intimate, shiny monogram necklace, and may be slightly reddish. Another bias cool color is less radiant, easy to dim, and may be slightly blue. Everyone knows some basic principles when buying clothes. For example, if the skin color is black, don’t choose white (too much contrast makes you darker), black, dark yellow (the color is dark and heavy, it looks black and yellow). The principles drawn from these experiences can also be applied to name bracelets jewelry.

choose jewelry for the yellow skin girl

How to choose jewelry to “whitening”?

For warm yellow skin girls, please carefully choose white and bright platinum jewelry (too much contrast is easy to be “weird”), and the yellow orange color of the gold name necklaces jewelry appears tacky.

Warm yellow skin and white and bright platinum can’t come together. For the cold yellow skin girls, it is necessary to carefully choose the pink gold jewelry (such as rose gold, too much contrast is easy to look darker).

The color of the lovely rose gold is better with warm yellow skin. The first color tone stone that we can exclude is the brown-yellow stone, because it is close to the yellow skin, especially the dim yellow and brown, they will just make it worse. The colorless and transparent diamonds are versatile custom name necklace. It can be said that no matter which skin color, diamonds can be seamlessly mixed, and any kind of transparent rhinestone artificial jewelry can be chosen with confidence.

Transparent jewelry is very versatile

Warm yellow-skinned girls can choose dark, strong purple, green, and blue gems, such as amethyst, emerald, and sapphire. These gems are elegant customized necklace and noble styles, and they all carry with a certain blue tone, it can effectively correct the yellowish skin tone.

Cold yellow-skinned girls can choose among the pink, purple and blue, but in order to brighten the skin, don’t choose gems that are too deep or too dark. Those bright colors are more suitable for you, such as pink tourmaline, medium-colored amethyst, topaz and so on.

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