Published On: Thu, Sep 20th, 2018

How to Choose the Best Floor Buffers

When it comes to buying the best quality floor buffers for your home or office space, it is important to pay some more attention to your precise requirement. The best floor buffers are there to make your task easier. Floor buffers are specifically designed to clean the non-carpeted area of your home or office. You can notice a huge number of options available in the market. It is important to choose the right one. The floor buffers are available in the convenient price range. There are many brands of buffers that you can find attractive. Some of them are as follows.

Buying Consideration

It is necessary to buy the best floor buffer for home use. The best quality buffers are cost-effective and eco-friendly. It is needed to maintain the non-carpet floor quality without any struggle. As there are many options available in the market. Many companies can confuse you with their pricing and styles. As a result. It is important to compare all the available options in the market and decide the one that fulfills your requirement. It is necessary to consider customer reviews before buying the product.

Best 3 in Amazon US with pro and con customer reviews summary

BISSELL BigGreen Commercial BGEM9000 Easy Motion Floor Machine, 12″

It is one of the most popular floor buffers in the market.


  • It is very easy to move in any direction and angle.
  • It is multipurpose with advanced accessories.


  • It has a short battery life
  • It is heavy as compared to other products.
  • Its liquid holding dip is smaller.

Clarke CFP™ Pro 17HD Polisher

It is available in silver and black color


  • It is made up of metal and designed for heavy duty.
  • It is highly versatile


  • It does not have a vacuum connection
  • This machine only works as long as it is on the flat and smooth surface only

Advance PACESETTER 20HD Floor Machine

This machine is popularly used for stripping, bonnet cleaning, scrubbing at heavy duty construction


·         It has high-quality tufted bristle pad driver

·         It is known to be a heavy duty floor buffer


·         It operates at a single speed

·         It is strong and heavy to move

These three are the most popular floor buffers and each one has equal demand in the market. If you want to make a right choice go for any of this. All are cost-effective.

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