Published On: Fri, Dec 8th, 2017

How To Set Up Your Villa In Alibaug

Buying a villa in Alibaug is simple enough if you transact with a reputed developer, and take care to have the paperwork in order before you sign up. We explain the steps you need to follow when setting up home in Alibaug.

It is spoken of as Mumbai’s nearest playground, and what a playground Alibaug is! Beautiful, quiet and full of gorgeous beaches, it is a good second home option for most harried Mumbaikars.

Located just a ferry ride away from Mumbai, and conveniently close to the Mumbai SEZ, Alibaug has prospered in recent years with high interest from famous personalities and business houses looking to invest here. Apart from premium ready villas in Alibaug, you can also buy commercial properties and farmhouses here. Its proximity to the mainland and services like Internet connectivity and inner-city transport have developed the beach town into a viable second home alternative for most Mumbaikars.

How to buy a villa in Alibaug

* Go for ready villas instead of trying to build your own. It is always easier to buy a ready villa in Alibaug than trying to build one yourself. The former is a more affordable option, and leading names in realty have developed superb villas in Alibaug. These 3- and 4-bedroom villas offer a high standard of living, with private access and several on-site amenities. Transacting with a reputed developer also minimises the chance of landing a bad deal!

* Study the property thoroughly. Take a visit of the villa and spend a few minutes in each room, studying its finishes, use of space, whether enough storage has been provided, potential to create an office/study space, Internet signal strength in the area, proximity to shops and public transport, etc. All these factors will contribute to a pleasant stay in Alibaug, especially if you intend to work from there for long periods of time.

* Assess your finances. Now that you have found a suitable villa in Alibaug, it is time to look at your finances for buying it. The developer may have pre-approved housing finance on the project – this is ideal, since the evaluation time is dramatically reduced. If not, you can apply for housing finance and pay the developer the booking amount to lock the deal.

* Study the paperwork and property documents. Meanwhile, go to the Collector/Tehsildar’s office in Alibaug and study the property’s credentials. Land records at the office will show the plot dimensions, the reservation on it (whether residential or commercial), civic access roads and private roads, etc. These records prove the project’s authenticity. Next, have your lawyer study the proposed sale agreement between you and the developer. Do proceed only if all the paperwork is above board.

* Complete the purchase. Now all that remains is to pay for the villa in full. In return, the developer initiates the transfer of deed process, handover of original documents and house keys, and the stamp duty and registration proces.

Once these steps are complete, you can move into your wonderful villa in Alibaug for a happy stay.

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