Published On: Tue, Jul 25th, 2017

Learn about patent search, patent and industrial design

It is done before the product is launched or before you decide to apply for your invention to check whether the product is unique. In this process the database of already issues patents are checked. Articles of journals and scientific papers are also checked to search for the information regarding the invention. Wilson patents Canada imparts a lot of information regarding the services.

 Patent search helps us to verify the scope of the business. You should search for the profits and volume of the product sold and based on the search you should decide whether to spend money in getting patent protection for your work. You should search on those markets in which you will be selling your invention. You can’t search in the patent book of all counties nor is it economic to search in one county’s patent book. If you are planning to launch your work or invention in Canada, then searching in Canadian patent office is sufficient. Canadian patent agency offers help and guidance in searching patent and patent analysis.

Patent: Canadian patent documents provide information regarding rights on the inventor and how the invention works. This right is valid for 20 years from the date you submit your patent application. Once you have the patent, then your invention is protected from clone, i.e. other can’t use it or sell your work. Patent is the right of the inventor.

The intellectual rights given by Canadian patent is valid in Canada and not in other countries. If you need to secure your rights in other countries too, then application for patent must be submitted separately in those countries too.

The patent system in Canada is like first come first serve. That means the person who applies for patent of an invention is entitled to the patent. It is always better to apply for a patent before you disclose it in public.

It is always better to apply for patent before the invention is disclosed in front of public.

Before you submit the application for patent, make sure to check for below mentioned points:

  • Check if it is original and unique
  • It should be the thing which is eligible for patent. Everything you invent can’t be patented
  • non obviousness and
  • useful in industrial application

Steps for obtaining patent:

  • Submit an application for patent at correct time. Don’t apply too early before you complete your work / invention. This may lead in failure to add the main features and details of your work. Applying too late can also lead to problem, someone else can apply for the work and get patent
  • Once the application is submitted in Canada, the application is opened for inspection by public. The duration of public inspection is 18 months from the date you submit your application.
  • During the inspection phase, the inventor can make changes if anything is required. Once the defects are solved then the patent is issued after paying the fee.

Services provided by registered trademark agent Canada are:

  • They help in preparing patent application
  • They prosecute the patent application before Canadian Intellectual Property Office
  • They provide other services associated with patent application like searching,
  • They have vast experience in seeing patent application from filing the application to allowance.
  • They have experience in patent search and can offer you guidance regarding these.

Industrial design:

This helps in protecting the designs of systems, circuits or machine used in industries or manufacturing sectors. This helps in protecting the design’s shape, configuration, pattern, combination etc. for industrial design patent, the invention should be unique and original. The validity for this patent is 10 years from the date you submit the application. And renewal fee has to be paid on the 5th year. On failing to pay the renewal fee will cost you the loss of patent.

Patent is provided for the design which can be seen, and not for the functionality. Canada patent agent will help you to protect your rights.

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