Published On: Wed, Jul 18th, 2018

Learn About the Different Types of Oven

The oven is perhaps one of the most useful kitchen appliances that one can have. You can cook food, bake and do so much more with the use of an oven. If you are planning to buy an oven then, you should go through an oven buying guide form the internet. This will provide you with an idea about ovens, the types that are available there and also about their functions.

What are the different types of ovens?

Well, there are different types of ovens that are available out there. Each of the types is used to serve a different purpose. If you are not aware of the types then, we are here to help you with it. Here you go with the list of the different types of the oven:

  1. Conventional Ovens: These are the types of ovens that work on an electric element for cooking or even a gas burner. This is a very common type of oven that is found in a kitchen. In this type of oven, the heat radiates up and thus, pushes down the cool air which leads to baking or cooking.
  2. Microwave Ovens: This is the type of oven that you are likely to find in every kitchen. This oven is mainly used for defrosting and heating. It makes use of radio waves for the purpose and thus, the name microwave.
  3. Convection Ovens: With the help of this type of oven you can cook your food a bit differently. The oven comes with a fan at the back that forces air circulation throughout the oven and thus, helping in more even cooking.
  4. Oven Toaster Grill Oven: This is the type of oven that is best for grilling, roasting, and They make use of old-fashioned filament coils for cooking and heating. It may be old fashioned but it is indeed great.
  5. Microwave cum Convection Ovens: It is a microwave oven that comes with a convection oven option which basically means that when you turn a knob your microwave will turn into a convection type oven.

So, these are the main types of the oven that is available out there. Now that you know about the different types you can make your decision that which one suits your need the best. Each of the types has its own specialty which you need to take into consideration before buying it.

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