Published On: Sat, Oct 7th, 2017

Open Any B6Z File Instantly With B6Zip

The free B6Zip app from the Apple Store can open B6Z files along with many other archive types such as 7Z, TAR, RAR, ZIP and more.

B6Zip, the fast and tiny utility.

Tired of file openers that don’t work properly? The B6Zip opener focuses on b6z files and will not waste your disk space or use up more RAM than necessary like others.

B6Zip features a compact size and memory footprint which gives it fast operation with no slowdowns for the rest of your device. B6Zip is regularly updated and brings new improvements in speed and compatibility with each new release. B6Zip is the fastest, smallest, and easiest B6Z opener.

The B6Zip app is available on Mac OS, including the latest version of OSX High Sierra. The minimum requirements are an Intel 64 bit processor and at least 20MB of disk space. Once you install the B6Zip app you will then be able to automatically extract any .b6z file simply by double-clicking on one. The b6z archive will be extracted to the current directory.

Users of the B6Zip app are very satisfied with the way it works and has given it 5-star reviews across the board. Everyone agrees that B6Zip is the best in terms of ease and reliability when it comes to opening b6z files.

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