Published On: Fri, Jun 30th, 2017

Outsmarting The Answer Box – Ways To Keep Your Search Rank Solid

Staying on top of search results is one way companies stay relevant to consumers. When a person enters an inquiry into the search function of any website, they are most likely to choose a result listed on the first page, specifically one located near the top. This is because of a general concept of trustworthiness that a high search result rank gives to a brand or entity.

Putting this rank to work is a fairly straightforward concept. Once a consumer sees a result near the top of their results page, they are likely to choose that site, and be introduced to that company’s goods, services or other information.  A high search result ranking is its own form of marketing.

How are High Result Rankings Achieved?

Typically, a high ranking is the result of some upfront work by the company and any marketing professionals they might employ. For many, that involves calling on an organic SEO company to tailor the brand’s site to the specifications of search engine technology, optimizing it to appear in as many relevant lists of search results as possible. There are some specific approaches that these companies use to maximize the return on their corporate clients’ investments. These include:

  • Ensuring that a site is optimized for mobile device usage
  • Creating clear, concise titles and descriptions of goods, services and company mission
  • Consolidation of multiple similarly-themed pages into one cornerstone page
  • Use of solid, well-written content with sensible keyword repetition throughout
  • Compelling descriptions that draw readers in, designed to set a brand apart in a list of search results

All of these are ways a company can prepare for the search inquiries of potential customers. However, in recent years, a new challenge has arisen to those who already had a handle on securing and maintaining a high result ranking. That challenge is the answer box, a new invention by Google created to bring relevant content to users at a fraction of the time once necessary to retrieve it.

The Answer Box Acrobatics, and How to Beat Them

The Google answer box was designed with the user in mind, expanding on Google’s constant goal of making search results smarter, more accurate, and more relevant to the needs of the inquirer. While this is excellent news for the search engine user, it could spell disaster for the companies and brands that depend on SEO to bring their presence to the forefront of consumer consciousness.

Why? Simply put, if an entity previously held the top ranking when a particular term was searched, but now falls below the Google answer box result, it is far less likely that a potential customer will choose to browse their website, rather than the featured competition. While the service was not put in place with the intention of changing the ways businesses market online, it is certainly having that result. Companies are scrambling to optimize their sites to accommodate this new feature, and keep their.

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