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Piece Of Cake | Your Quick Guide To Cakes and Cake Shop

Cake, bread, and pastries had been an astronomical part of our diet many centuries ago. Every country has a particular bread and pastry that represents their country– something they call their own. The ingredients that give the identity of the bread are kneaded like histories that are pieced together. There is a story behind each bite of this pastry.

Today, you can get a delightful bite of these pieces of bread by visiting a patisserie in Singaporeand order sweet and fruity cakes from an online cake shop.

But wait. Bakery, cake shop, patisserie: are they all the same or do they have differences? Continue reading this article to learn more about them.

Bakery, Cake Shop, Patisserie: What Are The Differences?

Perhaps, you’ve seen a bakery that also sells cakes or a cake shop that sells bread. Many people are still confused between the three. Some even use these names interchangeably to describe a shop that offers bread and pastry. But before we dig into the distinction between a bakery, a cake shop, and a patisserie in Singapore, let us first discuss the difference between bread and pastry.

Bread vs Pastry

People often think that bread and pastry are synonymous with each other. Surprisingly, there is a fine line that makes one different from the other. What makes bread and pastry distinct is their making process and the proportion of the ingredients.

When making bread, bakers use flour, lots of water, salt, and yeast. Some add milk, sugar, and butter. On the other hand, pastry uses flour, fat, and a small amount of water.

When it comes to preparation, bread has an extensible dough after kneading. Moreover, pastry chefs mix pastry dough and roll it thinly.

Because of the unalike ingredients and process of making, bread and pastry have different textures.

Bread has a more chewy and fluffy texture, whilst the pastry is crumbly and flaky.

When it comes to taste, pastries are usually sweeter. Bread, on the other hand, tastes bland and plain.

Lastly, bread is usually a part of the meal, such as breakfast or lunch. Pastries are more likely to be desserts because of their sweet flavour.

Whole wheat bread, sourdough, pita, and rye are examples of bread. Croissants, pies, macarons, and pretzels are examples of pastries.

But the million-dollar question is; is cake bread or a pastry?

Cake: A Bread Or A Pastry?

The answer is neither. Yes, cakes may have a fluffy and chewy texture like bread and have a sweet taste perfect for dessert like the pastry, but the cake does not identify with any.

Thewedding anniversary cake you order in Singaporeis a different kind of baked good.

Firstly, cakes differ from pastry because of their dough ingredients and texture. Pastries have crumbly and flaky dough made of water and fat.

Cakes have closer ingredients to bread with flour, sugar, water, and butter. The texture is nearly the same with the fluffy, chewy, and moist consistency.

Cakes and bread have nearly similar ingredients except for one– the leavening agent. Bread usually uses yeast, while cakes use baking powder or baking soda.

Cakes add milk, butter, eggs, yoghurt, flavours, and vanilla extracts on its ingredients for the taste and aroma.

Like pastry, the slice of cake you ordered from your same day cake delivery service in Singapore is more of a dessert.



A bakery, by definition, is a place where you can buy flour-based baked goods. Baked goods include bread, pastry, and cake. They also sell doughnuts, although they are fried, not baked.

Cake Shop

On the other hand, a cake shop, or a cakery, is a place that sells cake. Unlike bakeries that serve bread, pastry, cake, an online cake shop specialises in different types of cakes, such as pound cake, sponge cake, and chiffon cake.

So if you are looking for a vast selection of this dessert for your wedding anniversary cake in Singapore, you can find them in an online and offline cake shop rather than a bakery. Some cakery also offers a same day cake delivery service in Singapore.


Furthermore, in France, patisseries sell pastries. However, in other countries, especially in English-speaking ones, patisserie may also refer to a bakery.

It means that patisserie outside France and some European countries can also sell cakes, pastries, and bread. You can see a patisserie in Singaporeas well.

The equivalent of a bakery in France is called a boulangerie. Boulangerie mainly sells bread like baguettes.

Now that you know the difference between a bakery, cake shop and patisserie and where you can buy a wedding anniversary cake in Singapore, pastries, and bread, it is time to dig into the different types of cake.


Most Common Types Of Cake In Singapore

There are a bunch of cakes around the world, and what makes each of them different are the ingredients, process of making and preparation.

Here are the most common types of cake you find in an online cake shopandpatisserie in Singapore:

Pound Cake

The name of this cake was derived from the ratio of its ingredients: a pound of flour, a pound of butter, a pound of sugar, and a pound of eggs. Hence, a pound cake.

Pound cake can be plain or flavoured, depending on the other ingredients added. You can easily find a wedding anniversary pound cake in Singapore.

Butter Cake

Butter cake gets its name from its primary ingredients– cream butter and sugar. Similar to pound cake, a butter cake can be plain or flavoured.

Sponge Cake

Compared to the first two cakes, the primary ingredients of a sponge cake are egg white and egg yolks beaten separately. Sponge cakes do not use a leavening agent.

Sponge cakes have an airy and light texture.

Chiffon Cake

Chiffon cake is almost similar to sponge cake except for the two ingredients: baking powder and oil.

Besides the eggs, chiffon cake has a leavening agent and oil to make the cake’s texture moist and less airy and crumbly.


Bread, pastries, cakes; whatever you like, we know they are heavenly delicious at every bite! Our life would be incomplete without these baked goods.

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