Published On: Wed, Sep 9th, 2020

Quick Comparison Between Dedicated and Cloud Hosting

Many people have shifted to cloud hosting as it enables people to save a lot of space. Save information in cloud space and access it anytime by simply signing up with your account. Cloud hosting comes with many advantages such as:

  • It consists of multiple servers, which is an advantage because if one of the servers stops working, then you will have a backup.
  • It comes with a storage extension, which helps in increasing the storage capacity. It is a big help, especially if your business grows over time.
  • It is less expensive than a dedicated server.

Although cloud hosting has many advantages, still one should never underestimate the power of dedicated hosting. If you are concerned with the price tag, then do not worry as there are cheap dedicated servers and they offer the following benefits:

Superior performance – Don’t you know that a dedicated server has the ability to handle a huge flow of information at any time? So, if you are more concerned with the performance, then a dedicated server won’t disappoint you.

Reliability – When it comes to reliability, a dedicated server will not disappoint you. You are basically the chief of the server and you have the option to adjust it according to the needs of your business. As a matter of fact, you can predict the cost of maintenance and repair. So, it is not just reliable, but cost-effective too.  

Control – One of the best qualities of a dedicated server is it gives you full control. You can change the software according to the changing needs of your business.

Safe and secure – With online transactions, there is always a tendency that your data will be accessed by others. This fear won’t be possible with a dedicated server because you are in control of everything. That is why it is the most secure server ever created.

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