Published On: Thu, Sep 28th, 2017

Ride in a decent way with Xiaomi-m365 Folding Electric Scooter with two wheels

As with the lifestyle is changing the lives of people are changing and so is the way of traveling. People are certainly looking for proper traveling methods which are environmentally friendly. For close travel distances, there is no need for burning up the fuels and then again polluting the environment. The Xiaomi m365 scooter, on the other hand, is the perfect one person ride to cover a short distance. There are also many places where it’s hard to take vehicles and this little buddy can easily cover those distance.

Let’s check out the features of this electric scooter.

Eco-Friendly: Xiaomi Scooter runs on two things, one is electricity and another is when being pushed by foot. If there is a sloop then both the electricity and foot is not needed. The fun part is that a person is not polluting the environment and also moving towards their direction in a more calm way.

Foldable: This is the most interesting quality of this scooter that it can be folded to get an elegant size. While being folded the sizes become compact and which makes it easier to carry or to store. With the compact size, one can easily keep it in the trunk of the car or even when riding a taxi. This also makes it one conventional way of traveling.

Covering distance: The total distance this scooter can cover is of 30km. It has a lithium battery of 18650 and a motor of 250W. The battery and motor are of high quality which gives a surety of a long run. There are many safety features in this Xiaomi scooter which makes it more comfortable to drive.

Battery indicator: As the scooter runs on battery and there is an indicator that shows the level of the battery. There are four LED light indicator the shows the capacity of the battery. With this one can surely check how long they can ride and how long the scooter is required to charge up.

Check details with smart-app: The scooter is equipped with a smart app which tracks the progress of the ride. Now there is no need to get any other app or search for it to check the daily fitness and travel records.

Dual Braking System: The brakes are placed on both wheels. The rear wheel is having a mechanical disk brake and the front is having an E-ABS system anti-lock brake. With this braking system, the rider gets a smooth transition to cut the speed and stop at the wanted position. The tires are inflatable and these breaks comprehend it very much.

This is the perfect foldable scooter that anyone would look for. Every safety measure is taken into precautions. From kids to older people are able to ride it without any problem.

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