Published On: Mon, Jan 1st, 2018

Signs Of Poor Health In Dogs

All dog owners need to be aware of various signs that indicate your best friend is ill and may require a visit to the vet. Here are some signs of dog health of which you should be aware.

A dog that has constant discharge may have nasal congestion, which can even progress to pneumonia if neglected too long and the discharge becomes thick.

Every dog vomits on occasion, but if yours is doing so frequently, you should be concerned. Monitor your dog’s food and how much she is eating.

Does your dog seem to be itchy a lot and is constantly finding a way to scratch himself? If so, take a look at his skin by carefully separating the fur in several places. Lice or ticks may be lurking there. Get appropriate treatment as soon as possible.

Poor Health In Dogs

Occasional loose stools are no cause for concern, but if your dog suddenly starts passing them often, she could have something seriously wrong, such as a bowel disorder. At the other end of the spectrum, not passing a stool for several days is also cause for concern.

Health issues can also be indicated when a dog isn’t walking properly. Limping, for example, can be caused by lesions on the feet. Older dogs who don’t walk as often or as long as they used to may not be feeling well and should be examined for potential problems.

Occasionally take a good look at your dog’s eyes as they can tell a lot about her overall health. Her eyes should be bright and clear with the area surrounding the eyeball white. The pupils should be equal in size and you should see no tearing, discharge or crusty corners. Pale eyes can indicate anemia. White-looking eyes also can mean a disease is lurking.

If your dog suddenly attacks and bites you or other people, rabies could be the cause. Address this immediately.

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