Published On: Wed, Sep 20th, 2017

Snow on roofs – How to determine it and avoid it

During the winter season, when you are experiencing comfort in your room, your roof protects you from constant snowfall. While snowfall is common in your area, you perhaps have built up your house in such a way that you get the maximum warmth. However, it is also essential to care for the roof, if snow falls on it and gets accumulated. You know that to keep the roof intact, you have to remove the snow at the right time. But, the common question of the property owners is about the maximum weight that their roof can hold.

A concept of the weight of snow

One of the important facts is that if the level of accumulated snow is about 1 foot, its weight may vary from five to twenty pounds for every square foot. However, this weight also differs on the basis of the type of snow.

The structure of any house is constructed in a way to ensure only the minimum load. While this load goes beyond the limit, the situation may become unmanageable. No matter whether the buildup snow has reached an alarming level, the unbalanced condition may cause lots of complications. So, you can call roofing experts for clearing the snow on your roofing system.

How to make out whether there is snow on the roofing system

If the roof system becomes much loaded or weighty because of snow, you can find the signs, like

  • Creaking and popping noise
  • Sagging heads of sprinkler
  • Cracks occurred in the wooden elements and walls
  • Leakages on the roof

Get benefits from a well-constructed roof

There are factors to determine whether your roof is able to endure the weight with no damage-

  • Snow density and depth
  • Trusses and rafters spacing
  • Surface texture, design and slope
  • Drift location

The pitched roofing system is very smooth. They are designed with rafters that are placed very closely. All the white snows will get settled on the surface in a uniform way. As there will be no large snow drifts, your roof may not have damage. Those, who have flat roofs, may have the highest risks of the impact of snow. Thus, you can speak to the contractors for the right roofing canton Michigan to meet the roofers, who also help in removing the accumulated snow to avoid all the problems.

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