Published On: Wed, Mar 28th, 2018

The 5 Top Kinds of People Who Participate In Philanthropy in India

Like everywhere else in the world, philanthropy is not new in India either. The spirit of philanthropy is inherent in the culture of the Indian subcontinent, with all major world religions represented in that geography, and all of them endorsing giving to the less fortunate at certain festivals and also as a regular way of life. It stands to reason that nearly all Indian families who have something to give away do end up directing it to a charitable cause. It may happen that this giving does not happen in money all the time, but in kind, in old clothes and shoes, in medicines, in household supplies, in non perishable food, and in feminine hygiene products. All of these donations are equally valid and all can find their own use when the time comes.

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That said, crowdfunding India has made it easy for anyone and everyone to make a monetary donation to a cause they are committed to. The process of asking for funds and receiving financial assistance works completely online on secure crowdfunding platforms with embedded payment gateways this allows for direct aid to reach the campaigner quickly under times of urgency and accommodates a wide spectrum of people to participate in the online giving process. Here’s a list of the people who give the oftenest through online crowdfunding India projects:

  1. The micro-giver: This kind of giver makes small donations, maybe even in the tune of a hundred rupees or with a cap of about a thousand rupees. They might not have a large budget for charity, but their intent is strong and true. The micro giver will thoroughly research a crowdfunding project and make sure that it is authentic before hitting the donate button and put in their funding support behind the cause.
  2. The impulsive giver: It is difficult to make predictions on the behaviour of this kind of giver, but they make up a large of all donors at any given moment in time. They may make large contributions or tiny ones, but one thing is for sure – the impulsive donor will only give when they are moved by a story of some tragic import.
  3. The crowdfunding only giver: They will give because they trust the process of crowdfunding and have researched and identified a cause they are invested in emotionally.
  4. The reward-hungry giver: Some donors will donate handsomely to crowdfunding India projects because they can earn tax exemptions while they do some good in the world. Predictably, these donors will return every year at tax saving season to make big ticket contributions to community projects.
  5. The anonymous giver: We think this kind is the most selfless category of all givers, helping make change while refusing to take credit for it. They are the true altruists.

All of these crowdfunding India givers have their own important value in holding the initiative together. Without any one, the effort would collapse. We celebrate and appreciate each with love and joy.

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