Published On: Mon, Oct 2nd, 2017

The Top Advantages Of Using Video Interviewing Software For Recruitment

The need for video interviewing software is starting to grow at a rapid rate as many businesses are finding that the traditional method for interviewing candidates is a huge cost and time wasting process. Businesses and recruitment agencies are using video interviewing software providers such as Candidate Video as the go to service for hiring quicker and more cost effective in discovering extraordinary talent.

But is video interview software just another trending tool or can it absolutely save time and money for both the recruiters and applicants?

Well let’s take a look at exactly at the advantages what this recruitment software can do.

Video Interviewing Software – 5 Important Advantages to Know Of

  1. Simplicity – This type of software makes the recruitment process much simpler. It removes various steps, such as traditional assessments, phone screens and writing of resume reviews from the recruitment processes. The use of modern technology lets companies ensure a fantastic experience for candidates, and keeps the best talents waiting in the pipeline.
  2. Scientific recruitment – It is easy to improve hiring decisions with this type of platform, which uses artificial intelligence and captures videos in order to offer more insight into each applicant. Applicants can watch and re-watch their own interviews, analyze the improvement areas and adjust them to emerge as better candidates for vacancies. Recruiters can also store the videos in a database, and watch them at any convenient time for reference or to note the finer details that they might have missed out on during the first watch.
  3. Productivity – Video interview software also improves the productivity of teams, offers better results from interviews and offers a better experience to candidates. Hiring managers can easily identify the candidates that fit their job descriptions the best, while candidates can escape the discomforting experience of standard assessments that have long been a part of in-person interviews. This makes business move more efficiently, as well as faster.
  4. Quality – It is generally expected of Talent Acquisition Leaders that they should offer the best candidates to the organization very fast. However, the pace of traditional recruiting practices ensures that typically recruiters need to compromise on the quality factor for speed.
  5. Logistical freedom – This is an extremely effective method of conducting interviews across the globe, and offers logistical freedom to users. The availability and accessibility of video interview clips is a big plus. With cloud computing evolving today, businesses can easily access and store their data in a secure location – preferably the Cloud. There are plenty of advantages with this type of storage. Employers do not need to depend only on the word of hiring managers, as they too can watch the video interview clips and from any location.

For a quick video overview of how easy it is to now start recruiting using video then take a look at a quick clip of a video interview software that I found on YouTube:

How to improve the usage of this video interviewing software?

Technological proficiency comes in the way of most applicants, when it comes to video recruitment software. The usage of these apps is still limited, but applicants can find many instructional videos available on platforms such as YouTube. Friends and family members of candidates can also do their bit to instruct them about the usage.

Users can also try out video interview apps that offer free trials and come with structured video coaching to direct users and encourage them to use these apps for digital interviews.

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