Published On: Thu, May 24th, 2018

Things to consider before buying a watch winder

Winders are sophisticated devices that play a vital role in keeping both automatic and self-winding watches operational. If you have passion in collecting these luxury timepieces, a capable winder must be an essential component in your kit. While the primary function of these devices is to keep your watch accurate, they also extend the lifespan and ensure that all the parts linger lubricated.

As an automatic watch owner, you need to have a decent winder if you do not use on daily basis, or if you have more than one automatic timepiece and hence you will need this device to maintain the accurate time. The winders are designed to work effectively by spinning the timepiece so that a human motion can be stimulated. They tend to have the shape of a box where you put a watch and wind it.

When it comes to purchasing this device, you need to do some research to help you make the best decision. Here are some of the things to consider.

The quality of the motor

The quality of the motor used in the watch winder is one of the most important things to look at. Note this factor can create a huge difference when it comes to reliability over time and to maintain the veracious accuracy of the watch. High-quality winders will come with silent and precise motors and they are designed in a unique way such that they do not overstress the watch.

Motor’s motion Settings

Watch experts will advise you to purchase a model that comes with several motion settings for winding your timepiece. Avoid buying the winders that can make the rotation in a single direction only as this can potentially damage the device in the long run. This is one aspect that prohibits you from making too many compromises.


Every watch is designed with a subtle interior mechanism and an incorporated timer from the winder that can lessen the stress in it. Since the automatic watches are designed to take advantage of the disordered micro-movements as opposed to constant turning, you must not put the watch inside the winder for long periods. 30 minutes every day is the suitable period that the watch should say in the winder and you can use the timer to ensure that your watch is not wound for an extended period.


Since you own an expensive watch, you surely need a more premium-looking winder that matches the appearance of your timepiece. Additionally, you might want to use the winder as a display case and therefore, the design must have the prowess to extract that artistic appeal of the watch on display. The market provides different models with several materials; thus, you can choose the one you love. However, kiln-dried wood that comes with a special durable coating is the most appreciated piece.

Final word

Since you now know what winders are and the things to consider before buying a piece, you don’t have an excuse to make any mistake. Make sure you do your research and find a piece that is worth your investment.

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