Published On: Sat, Nov 11th, 2017

Top 6 Natural Remedies For Glowing Skin In Winter

Winter is a beautiful season in many aspects like no sweating, no suffocating blaze of hot wave, or attack of acne or blackheads, etc. But winter has its own pitfalls too and the worst prey of winter impact you can watch on your hair and skin health.

However, winter skin problem is manageable with a few simple natural remedies. These remedies are easy-to-follow and mostly inexpensive, which is a big plus. A site like can give you an idea regarding many other health issues. Visit will be surely worth.

Apply coconut oil everyday

Apply slightly warm coconut oil on your body before bath and you will get to enjoy softness and supple texture of your skin which besides comfort will gift you awesome anti-aging effect. Regular massage with coconut oil enhances silky shine as well as reduces skin tan and blemishes, which improves skin glow.

Instead of coconut oil you may use pure mustard oil or olive oil too.

Do not take hot water bath

It is good to use normal water for bathing everyday; however, if you have to take bath in cold and stored water, just add some hot water in it for making the temperature tepid warm. Hot water damages normal skin hydration and tends to make skin unusually dry.

Drink adequate liquid for maintaining hydration

During winter your skin may suffer from dehydration. External care of hydration is not sufficient as without internal hydration softness of skin texture gets badly disturbed. As a simple remedy for maintaining natural hydration, you need to drink lots of water, fruit juice, etc.

Instead of having instant fruit juice, you should take freshly prepared homemade fruit juice. However, by all means avoid having carbonated drinks.

Apply honey and yogurt on skin

Apply honey and yogurt on your face and neck region and let the mix sit on your skin for next 20 minutes. Wash it off with normal water. This simple musk treatment helps in maintaining excellent skin glow during winter. Try the remedy at least once in a week before bedtime.

Eat plenty of vegetables

During winter you can get to eat lots of vegetables that are full of natural fibers, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, etc. that are not only good for digestive systems, these are excellent ways to boost natural immunity of every individual, which ultimately improves our skin and hair health.

Do not skip sunscreen when going under sun

Winter is the best time for enjoying outdoor sun. But skin exposure to sun ray may cause unsightly skin tan, skin dryness, and skin blemishes. Application of sunscreen helps in protecting skin and prevents dryness from setting in. Regular use of sunscreen (at least SPF 15) can help in preventing skin dryness during winter.

These 6 awesome natural remedies for skin care during winter. All these skin care tips are easy to follow and will yield excellent result with guarantee.

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