Published On: Fri, Dec 15th, 2017

Top Tips To Transfer Itunes Music To Your Android Gadget

If you are a die-hard fan of music and you like to listen to some most favorite tunes anytime you want, storing them on your mobile is a great idea.  For obvious reason, some special music you can surely store those in your iPhone. But, what if you have changed your phone from iPhone to android?  Then is it possible to transfer iTunes Music to your android gadget, for example, Huawei data transfer Mac at one goes?   Yes, it is possible to do so in a hassle-free way if you know a few tips!

Simply copy paste the song

You can copy paste the iTunes music you have stored in your iPhone by connecting a data transfer USB cable to your phone. It will take some time but it is the easiest process.  However, there is a constraint like you cannot access all iOS supported music format on your android phone. If the music format support is not supported by your android device this data transfer process will not help you to get your job done.

You can upload the song from Google play music

You can upload the music from Google play music. All popular music notes are available both in G-play store and iTunes store. There is a fair possibility that you can get to access all your favorite music from –G-play store as well. However her you need to spend internet charge or downloading the same music, which will cost you additional data expense.

You can use SyncMate

If you want to transfer iTunes music to your android phone in a seamless way, you can download the synchronization specialist app SyncMate, Huawei data transfer Mac app. You can use the free version in order to transfer all music you have stored on your iPhone to your new Android device without any issue. There are some more benefits of this data transfer app, which can help in organizing the data of your phone in an easy and fat hassle-free manner.

This is all about the clues, which you can use to transfer iTunes Music to your android gadget.  The best part is all the three processes are easy and can be done without any special technical knowledge.  Now you can change your mobile from iOS to Android without least worrying about music transfer hassle. By following the tips mentioned here it will be as easy as 1-2-3.

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