Published On: Wed, Oct 18th, 2017

Types Of Materials Used For A House Siding

Installing a high-quality siding for your house is a significant investment. You always want to get the best outcome from the chosen siding. However, there are various options for materials, when you plan to apply siding. The type of your siding determines whether you can get the desired advantages.

Vinyl siding

This is the most popular siding to the home owners because of the high durability, cost-effectiveness and availability of various colors. They are also found with vertical and horizontal panels, scallops and shakes. The siding contractors Ann Arbor Michigan recommend this option because it can last for almost thirty to forty years with versatile feature. You may also get a textured look just as wood. However, there will be no issue of decay from bugs. This siding is also much energy efficient. The vinyl one is the most affordable option for improving the exterior siding. But, the only disadvantage with it is that there is no waterproof with vinyl siding.

Metal siding

For the contemporary style building, this metal siding can be the most favorable option. By installing this siding, you will be able to make your home more appealing. Usually, the metals, used for the siding, are steel and aluminum. The latter one works best if you reside in any coastal region. However, if you choose steel, it can have rust issue, though it is highly durable. Another good fact about the siding is that it does not have any issue of color fading.

Siding with woods

Wood is preferable to everyone mainly of its beautiful natural look. The variable tones and colors of wood are really inviting.  You may choose cedar, redwood or pine for wood siding. This siding is also available in diverse profiles, like engineered or batten wood. You can find it mostly in the western region.

Stone siding

It is one of the most durable sidings that can work effectively against the natural elements. Stone veneer, available at an affordable price, resembles the appearance of real natural stone. It also resists moisture, fire and high level of temperature. For maintaining this siding, you can better apply pressure cleaning method.

Thus, choose the right material for your house siding to get the best result.

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