Published On: Wed, Jul 10th, 2019

Types of metal pressing you must know

Metal pressing is one of the most common processes, but those who know it in detailed know how complicated the entire process is. Though being one of the difficult processes, it’s being used by almost every type of industries and sectors. People today even have certain specific requirements when it comes to metal pressing, and there are a few metal pressing manufacturers that help you get your customized metal pressing equipment.

As metal pressing is a common process and common equipment, one must know the types of metal that are used to make these pressing stamps or equipment. This will help you know the type you need for your industry and will avoid getting confused. While there are many metals that are being used, we are listing the most common ones.

Steel Metal Pressing

Steel Metal pressing is one of the most common ones and is mainly used when weight and corrosion is not a concern, but strength matters the most. One of the reasons that make steel metal a common to be used for pressing is its easy availability, strength, and low cost. For better versatility, steel stamping uses steel banks and coil-fed steels.

Aluminium Metal Pressing

Well if not the most common one, but it certainly gets into the list of top 5 common metals pressings to be used. It comes with a lot of features and benefits. The most common grades that are used for making aluminum metal pressings include 2024, 6061, 1100, 3003, and 5052. It has a high strength over weight ratio, lightweight, comes with a soft alloy that helps in the formation, non-magnetic, provides great electricity and thermal conductivity, and others.

Brass Metal Pressing

Brass is also used as a common metal for pressing. It is used mainly for its effective electric and thermal conductivity. Brass is basically a metal alloy that is made using zinc and copper. It is best used electronic parts, components for heaters, locks, jewelry, household fixtures, gears, and others.

Automotive Metal Pressing

This is the only metal pressing that is used for making vehicles and parts of it. Everything that is a part of an automotive industry used automotive pressing. It is a customized one and not every company manufactures it, so you should deal with the ones that manufacture it.

So, these are some of the most common metal pressings that are used in abundance.

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