Published On: Mon, Oct 30th, 2017

Usefulness of using a YouTube Video downloader on Mac

YouTube is the largest online video streaming platform, and we have to agree that we are addicted to it. There are thousands of videos uploaded on a daily basis, and they can hail from any topic of our liking. Often our favorite artists upload their music on YouTube, and we need have that with us. But YouTube will only allow you to view the videos online, and you have to search multiple times to get to the video that you want.

Benefits of Downloading YouTube Videos:

  • You can make a playlist of the songs that you like and store it in the video format on your Mac. This means you will be able to watch your favorite music video anytime you like.
  • YouTube is known for its DIY and Craft videos, so you can download them to watch while you are actually making the stuff and you wouldn’t need to extinguish any data.
  • You can keep track of the most favorite videos in this way and also have a file with your best-loved contents that you can watch over and over again. The feature helps you out a lot when you are short on your data.

How to download YouTube videos on your Mac?

You can easily download an application on your Mac that helps in downloading of the videos. One of the best applications to do this is Airy and Airy downloads YouTube videos to your Mac hassle free. You can see the videos once they are downloaded anytime you want to. Some benefits of Airy:

  • Airy is a petite application, and it wouldn’t take much space on your Mac.
  • Airy is very user-friendly, and you will surely never need a manual to access it.
  • Airy is able to download mp3 on mac, and some other formats are FLV, MP4, and 3GP.
  • You can download multiple videos at a time in Airy which saves time.
  • You can even use Airy to download 4k videos in some versions of Mac.
  • New versions of Airy are released to make it better.

So, if you really love YouTube and want to save and watch the videos later, then you can download Airy and take all its benefits. You can use a search engine to download Airy. Airy can also be found on the site to read more about Airy and also to download it.

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