Published On: Fri, Aug 18th, 2017

Wet Saw Tile Cutting

One of the standard tools used for cutting a tile is wet saw.

It is a type of cutting tool that is used to cut ceramics, marble or granite, porcelain tiles, glass tiles with the help of diamond covered blade rotating at a very high speed (approximately 12000 rpm).

A liquid is made to flow over the blades of the wet saw. One other important thing is that the blade in the wet saw is not sharp.


It is blunt because the tile can be cut accurately only by grinding otherwise the tile broke.

The wet saw can cut any form of tile even a hard one.

The difference between wet saw and dry saw tile cutters

  1. The liquids used in the wet saw is to prevent the blades from overheating but in a dry saw, there is no coolant or other substances used to cool down the blades because of this dry saw cannot be used for cutting hard tiles.
  2. The friction between the cutting blade and the tile in the wet saw is very low compared to the dry type.
  3. The Dust formed while cutting the tile is low in wet saw because the coolant used in it flush the grinding waste away from the work material, but dry saw creates a lot of dust while cutting which pollutes the environment.
  4. Wet saw does not create smoke during cutting, but dry produces smoke because of high friction between the tool and the work piece.

Tips for using a wet saw correctly

  • The first thing is to choose between which type of saw is suitable for your cutting a table top or a hand held saw.
  • For hard and tough materials we prefer a table top saw because it provides high accuracy and better cut than the hand held one.
  • To get better accuracy use a fixture or sliding table. Generally, a wet saw looks as same as the other saw in the market.
  • The only thing is that it uses a coolant. For a standard wet saw, you can cut about 25-30 inch tiles. But in Granite industries, they use large cutters.
  • Some table top saws use lasers for guiding the cutting blade for better accuracy.
  • You can see more options in expensive wet saws. Before you start cutting the tiles, check every fool proof components are in place and protect your eyes, ears, and hands with a safety gear.
  • Now put the tile you want to cut on the sliding table and tight the locks.
  • Check the tile is fixed because a small deviation can cause imperfections in the cutting process and hence waste your material.

Guide for cutting a tile

  • Now turn on the cutter and make it run before sliding the tile into it.
  • Make sure that the liquid is flowing through the blades otherwise check the pump for any repairs.
  • Now slowly move the sliding table with a tile towards the cutting blade and gently slide the tile through the cutter.
  • Now you get an excellent cut. Use the file or other tools to make the rough edges smooth.
  • You can also perform bevel cutting in the wet saw by tilting the blade at certain angles.
  • Just like the tiles, you can also cut mosaics and glass materials. This process is straightforward and quick.
  • A small hour of experience is enough for making a perfect cut.

Best wet saw to buy

I personally recommend the Dewalt d24000s because for handing expensive tiles this is the best machine you can buy on the market right now.

This machine not only cuts tiles but also cut stones.

Yes, you heard me stones pretty fancy right. It has good build quality, and this water saw is powered by a powerful 1.5 hp motor which can cut up to 24-inch tile measuring straight and up to 18 inches measuring diagonal.

The Dewalt d24000s comes with a very high price tag, but for longer use this machine is perfect. It comes with two nozzles to prevent over spraying of the particles and mist, stainless steel rail system.

After finishing the cutting the cleaning of the parts is very easy. You can detach every part from the cutter.

Dewalt d24000s only weighs 31 kilograms the entire set is easily portable, and the saw frame is very compact.

You can store the whole wet saw in a very small space. This wet saw is mainly for professionals who use the machine everyday for cutting hard tiles.

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