Published On: Tue, Jun 5th, 2018

When can you attempt plumbing services yourself as compared to contacting a plumber 24/7?

If you are a person who is new to DIY plumbing there are a few plumbing jobs that will help save you money rather than contacting a plumber 24/7. Some of the easier plumbing services that can be attempted by you at home could be:

DIY Plumbing services

Leaky faucets – these are usually easy to fix and can be done by most people

Clogged toilets – these can be attempted by the home owner using a plunger

Clogged showers and sinks as well as slow draining ones – these can be attempted by the home owner

Installation/Replacement of shower heads – this can be done by following the installation instructions which are given by the manufacturer.

Installation of faucets – these are easy to do as well provided you remember to first shut off the water supply.

Calling a Plumber 24/7

A plumber 24/7 is needed for the following installations or repairs as this could cause flooding and can damage the property if it is incorrectly done. Therefore, a professional plumber – one who has experience and has been trained should attempt these kind of projects

  1. Plumbing on newly purchased properties –If the property is newly purchased, it is advisable to have a professional look at it in order to ensure that it is up to code and that will actually save money for you in the long run. This is needed as an inexperienced person or novice will not be able to spot waste lines which are improperly sloped. The home owner may not even be able to recognize polybutylene pipes and other such finer points.
  2. Toilet replacement – when you are replacing a toilet it is necessary to have a trained professional handle it even though the water supply as well as the waste lines are in position. This is because if the toilet is improperly fixed there would be more than inconvenience which you would need to deal with – the problem will further be compounded when there is just one bathroom and multiple occupants.
  3. Dishwasher replacement – replacing a dishwasher may seem like an easy prospect but this could sprout leaks and it could potentially lead to flooding.
  4. Garbage disposal replacement – this job is not difficult to do but there are many steps involved and just like a dishwasher replacement, this could potentially lead to leaks and flooding.
  5. Frozen pipes – in areas which have temperatures which can go very low, there are always chances of frozen pipes. When trying to thaw these pipes it is best to have a professional handle it that way you can be sure that the pipes wont break and there wont be water damage which will result.

In addition to all this, renovations require you  to have a professional at hand especially as you can even be reported as well as fined if you have carried out unpermitted work. When you are moving pipes or fixtures that too requires a permit and for this in addition to installation of water heaters, you need a professional plumber.

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