Published On: Fri, Jul 20th, 2018

Why Should You Choose Cast-Iron Cookware Sets?

There are some materials used for cookware production. You can find pans made of stainless steel, aluminum covered with enamel, ceramic, various alloys of metal and cast iron. The last one differs from the others with particular properties. It is popular with professionals and home cooks even though it costs more and demands special care. Even if you do not think you need the whole cookware set, buy just one pot made of this material and you will appreciate its ability to create the particular conditions for cooking.

The cast iron is an alloy consisting usually of three components: steel and carbon mainly, but other elements can be added like silicon, manganese, and others. They call this material grey or white iron depending on the ingredients prevailing. The properties are also slightly different. But in general this material is very tough and durable being not a good heat conductor but instead it accumulates heat in a perfect way.

There is no special non-stick and sometimes harmful coating inside regular cast-iron pans but well-seasoned vessels are naturally non-stick. All you need to do is to put the pan over the heat, wait a couple of minutes until it become hot and add a little oil. You can use much less oil than usually and cook the healthy meal. As it has been mentioned before the cast iron pans retain heat and you can serve the meal in it being sure that it stays warm for a rather long time. There is one peculiarity which can be regarded as a drawback and as a benefit. This material without enameling is able to leach iron into the food. Thus if there is a lack of iron in your organism, use cast iron pans and increase the level of iron.

Usually cast iron skillets are made in one piece and that is why they tolerate heat very well. But be careful as far as all its parts including handles become very hot. Do not forget take an oven mitt before taking out the skillet. And one more moment! This material is rather heavy and a pan made of it full with foods is difficult to carry.

The real advantages of cast iron are its long service time lasting a lot. And it does not get worn out, on the contrary the intensive cooking with it improves its performance. In general, there are no restrictions as to cooking techniques you can sauté vegies, sear meat, roast chicken, fry potatoes. Moreover, it is good for baking cakes being oven friendly. The only task your cast iron vessel cannot perform is to boil water. What else cooking techniques are not good for it? You’d better refuse stir-frying which requires quick movements while a cast iron is heavy and hot the maneuvers with pans are not easy and safe.

In addition, we should say that the cookware of this kind is not so easy to take care of. It demands a lot of attention. You should keep it well-seasoned so that you could prevent rusting. When cleaning you can apply soap which does not remove the polymerized fat coating protecting the pan. Still harsh detergents with lye should be avoided. So after you use a cast iron vessel, wait until it gets cool and wash it. Then you can put it over the heat for about a minute to dry it completely. Add a little of cooking-grade oil spreading it over the bottom and sides. And let it to heat during additional couple of minutes. Take it away from the heat and let it cool, then remove the excess oil and put in a dry place where you store it usually. You’d better remove the lids.

If you follow all above recommendations, any cast-iron cookware will serve almost forever and deliver the best cooking ever for appropriate methods and foods.

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