Published On: Wed, Sep 25th, 2019

Women wear bracelets: to be small, to be beautiful, diverse materials

Compared to men, there are too many bracelets for women. Women wear bracelets on the one hand for the sake of beauty, but also for health. Because there are many acupuncture points on the wrist that correspond to the body organs, wearing the infinity name bracelet will inadvertently play a massage role. For women, it has a good effect of relieving fatigue and promoting metabolism.

Although there are many styles to choose, but women should not wear bracelets casually. Women wear bracelets and don’t care about single or multiple laps name on necklace. The single lap is simple and the circle is exquisite.

However, no matter which one, it is recommended to choose with the pendant, which can better reflect the soft beauty of women.

Women’s wrists are generally thin, and wearing too large bracelets may seem very uncoordinated, so when choosing beads, pay attention to the smaller the diameter, the better.

Single lap diameter: 6~10mm cheap engraved bracelets, which is selected according to the slenderness of the wrist and the size of the whole person.

Multi-laps diameter: 4~8mm, the bead of a multi-laps bracelet is smaller than the diameter of a single-lap bracelet. If it is large, it will be very cumbersome to wrap around the wrist.

Women wear bracelet

The world is still very friendly to women. Men can only wear solid bracelets, while women can put a lot of colorful things name bracelets on them. As long as they are properly matched, they can make the wearer more outstanding. The selection of the colorful gemstones bracelets is relatively wide, the colors are diverse, and the style is exquisite. Moreover, these materials have a great role in promoting women’s health, long-term wear can keep healthy and bring good luck to the wearer.

Nanjiang carnelian has the “Chinese red” that the Orientals love most, and women wear it to match the skin color custom name necklace. Moreover, Nanjiang carnelian is rich in a variety of microelements required by the human body. Long-term wear can stimulate the wrist, promote blood circulation and metabolism.

Beeswax is an organic gemstone with a warm texture that is perfect for winter wear. It has been regarded as auspicious and sincere since ancient times. It has a strong spirituality. It can be used for refuge and disaster relief. Beeswax monogram necklace can be used as medicine to calm the mind and help sleep.

As the leader of the famous woman stone – garnet, dark purple stone has become a protective stone in the hands of many urban women. Wearing dark purple stone will help improve blood problems, promote circulation, enhance vitality, and then maintain beauty and keep young. Women of almost any age can wear dark purple stone, it is the most versatile stone.

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